The peculiarities of the argumentative essay about criminal justice

Criminal justice improves the efficiency of investigative bodies, the prosecutor’s office, and the judiciary to ensure the administration of justice and the protection of citizens’ rights. Criminal proceedings are one of the most important and complex types of state and legal activities due to violation of the prohibitions established by criminal law. The target of punishment for criminal offenses can be called the restoration of social justice and the prevention of new crimes. Punishment is fair if it corresponds to the nature and degree of public danger of the crime, the circumstances of its commission, and the perpetrator’s identity. Students of the Faculty of Law need to write criminal justice argumentative essay topics. This area is difficult to study and requires more attention and self-study, and analysis of basic aspects.

Tips on writing an argumentative essay about criminal justice

It is worth noting that without exception, all the rules for writing an essay are advisory, and it is not necessary to follow them. There are some tips that will help you create a quality essay:

  • Each paragraph should reveal some kind of micro-theme. Don’t forget the essay requirements.
  • The number of paragraphs in the main part may vary. If you need to write an essay of five paragraphs, the main part will include three paragraphs. Even if the requirements do not specify the number of paragraphs, the main part must include at least three paragraphs.
  • The first sentence of each paragraph should be combined with the previous paragraph and contain a thesis on the micro theme. The rest of the paragraph should include details and a description.
  • If necessary, you can mention examples and evidence from the textbook or lectures of the course on this topic. You can paraphrase an example or quote it. Refer to the list of examples you have prepared in advance. You can use as examples the facts on this topic.
  • To successfully write an essay, the author needs to clearly express his position. Create unexpected turns and unpredictable conclusions in the essay.
  • The last part is the conclusion, which describes the conclusions of the entire essay, adds integrity, and prompts the reader to think.
  • To give credibility to the written work, you can use scientific facts in the text and the results of research.

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